The Final Adventure

Published 07/07/2016

Opening of the exhibition "The Final Adventure" made with selected works of the participants of the Masterclass of Jose Maria Mellado, you can see in the CEART - Art Center Tomás y Valiente, Fuenlabrada. An honor to participate in it with two works and even more so when one of them select Canon to promote through social networks the event.

Javier Checa Photography - 13244065_10154174583484557_4021339162965511452_o.jpg

Rebeca Saray Workshop

Published 21/05/2016

I work in the workshop in Barcelona Studio in La Masia May 2016
Organization: Rebeca Saray Workshop
Model: Paula Malfaz
Make-up/Hair: Loli Salinas y Tamara López de Studio Stravaganza
Dress: Avalon Saez
Assitant: Jonatan Justicia (es Reflectorman)
Lightning: Broncolor (TX-LAB)
Making of : Javi Click and Play
Photo and Edition: Javier Checa con Pentax645Z

Javier Checa Photography - 13640741_1118492574896156_5581865909572271750_o.jpg

Trierenberg Super Circuit

Published 17/10/2015

Gala awards Trierenberg Super Circuit in Linz, Austria, where i was recojiendo Gold Medal achieved.

Javier Checa Photography - IMG_1870.JPG

Expo "Iceland: Fact or Fantasy"

Published 22/09/2015

On Saturday September 19 present in the local office of AFOCER the "Iceland: Fact or Fantasy" exhibition as the name suggests it is dedicated entirely to this wonderful island.

In the presentation through a great time sharing with the audience the experiences I've had in each of the submitted shots.

A great experience has also helped me to convey some of those jobs that we all have and that many times we would like to share with others.

Thanks to everyone for the comforting opinions and encourage me even more to continue enjoying this beautiful hobby.

Javier Checa Photography - 100_sRGB_Afocer_01.jpg

Barcelona Harley Days

Published 05/07/2015

This morning at the Barcelona Harley Days, capturing a curious moment.

Javier Checa Photography - 100_sRGB__6451427.jpg

Pressroom with Jose Maria Mellado

Published 09/05/2015

Today he is making a pressroom with José Maria Mellado

Javier Checa Photography - Taller.jpg

Travel to Iceland

Published 19/03/2015

Fantastic tour of the southern part of the island where we enjoyed in all its splendor of its beautiful scenery.

Presentation Pentax 645z in Casanova Photo by Rebeca Saray

Published 03/09/2014

This afternoon I attended in Casanovafoto to the presentation of the new Pentax 645z by Rebeca Saray, made a small session and then move to explain his working method on one of the pictures of the session itself. Both performance I've seen from the camera as the artist who drove me have seemed impressive.

Javier Checa Photography - Captura.JPG

Expo "The Colour Landscape"

Published 17/07/2014

On Saturday June 28 present in the local office of AFOCER the exhibition "The Colour Landscape" which as the name suggests is devoted entirely to the side that I like in photography. There are twelve works covering the natural landscape, urban, marinas, night, finally a small sample visiting different locations and techniques.

In your presentation to a great time with the audience sharing the experiences that I have had in each of the shots and trying to convey presented as part of the process conducted to reach the final decision.
A great experience that has also helped me to convey some of those jobs that we all have and that we often like to share with others.

Thanks to everyone for the comforting views and encouraging me even more to continue to enjoy this beautiful hobby.


Javier Checa Photography - 100_sRGB_Expo_Afocer_01.jpg


Photo published in the British magazine Practical Photography.

Published 29/04/2014

I was very glad that they contact me from the British magazine Practical Photography for the acquisition of the rights to publish a picture of me in the May issue, which went on sale April 17. Is included in a section called Dynamic Camera Lanpscapes School with subtitle.
It is a pleasure to be able to present my work in international media and more, I leave a picture of the page and I hope you like it.

Javier Checa Photography - Elcamino.jpg


We have new website

Published 25/11/2013

We are pleased to announce that we launch this new website that will serve as a link for those of you who enjoy landscape photography.

We will try to convey through this page all the passion the artist feels when creating his work and, if possible, make it in a reciprocal way in which you may send your opinions and feelings when contemplating the works.

Thanks for visiting us.